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What to do When Going Outside is Not an Option

Summer is here, so kids are home from K-12 school, as well as college. Assuming your child is not working a summer job 24/7, sometimes we get stuck in a rut with them either parked in front of the TV, or endlessly sitting in front of their gaming console.

Obviously, when the temperatures are pleasant, or there is no precipitation, you can easily urge the kids to go outside to swim, run, hoop, play ball, or any number of things. BUT, what do you do when you need an indoor activity that doesn't break the bank?

The first thing I recommend is searching your chamber of commerce for a list of unique sites or museums that are close to you for a quick day trip. We live in the Washington, DC area, so we are fortunate to have the Smithsonian and other major museums close by. But there are so many other fun museums that are not oft-mentioned that will appeal to young and old alike, and many are a short drive from your house. Sometimes the quirkier museums are the most fun - just make sure you also scope out somewhere to eat nearby, as inevitably after a tour through the site, your children will say they are starving!

If you have a full day, extend your internet search a little - one summer, we found an amazing potato chip factory that offered free samples, which appealed to young and old alike!

If you want to pay for admission, you can also check sites like Groupon for discounted coupons for bowling, trampolining, bumper cars, etc. There are plenty of places that will cater to your younger kids and your older teenagers, as most venues try to reach a wide range of ages.

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