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Continuing the Shopfest at Prime Day

As a bit of background, I have one son who recently purchase his first home, and the second son is a college basketball player. Helping someone furnish their home, and keeping an athlete in shoes, gear and socks has become quite costly, so I really dug into Prime Day this year.

As such, I am happy to share some of the bargains we found:

Basketball shoes:

Air Pods (so your child can ignore you while practicing!):

Adidas gear is a more general link:

For my new homeowner, I found it useful to load him up with gift cards at various stores so he can pick and choose items at leisure - it is an ongoing process, as he needs not just furniture, blinds, garden hoses, lamps, dishes, etc.

If you have birthdays coming up, or even want to get a head start on the holiday shopping, gift cards are easy to store and are always well received.

General shopping link is:

Tomorrow, I'll be addressing the subject of what to do with little kids and grown kids when it is too hot or rainy to be outdoors.

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