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College Shopping

For those parents who have a college student, now is the time to start ordering books and dorm supplies. Some states have sales tax holidays where you can save $$, but I usually opt for convenience and shop online - many online sites also offer substantial savings for back to school items and itens arrive conveniently at your doorstep.

Here's a list of items you may need - this is by no means everything, and for some students, it's too many things - this is just meant to be a starting point. Link to shop dorm essentials is

Happy Shopping!!

☐Mattress pad (36x80)

☐Pillow and pillow cases

☐Twin XL sheets

☐Comforter/Duvet cover


☐Microwave “dorm size”

☐Refrigerator “dorm size”

☐Trash can and trash can liners

☐Towels and washcloths

☐Shower shoes/flip flops

☐Shower caddy


☐Dental care items

☐Shaving accessories

☐Hair care products and appliances

☐Makeup and/or beauty items

☐Cleaning supplies

☐Prescription medication

☐Toilet paper

☐Backpack or school bag

☐Writing supplies and highlighters

☐Notebooks, binders,

☐printer paper and filler paper

☐Tape, stapler and extra staples


☐ATM card/credit cards


☐Social Security Card

☐Driver’s License


☐Dryer sheets/fabric softener

☐Laundry bag/basket

☐Alarm clock

☐Computer/laptop and charger

☐Cellphone and cellphone charger

☐Gaming system

☐Power strip(s) with surge protector

☐Printer and ink cartridges

☐TV and remote

☐Plastic utensils

☐Plastic dishes, small bottle of dish soap

☐ Food storage containers

☐Umbrella, rain gear

☐Sports equipment


☐Can opener


☐Hand sanitizer (at least 60 percent alcohol)

☐Hand soap

☐Clorox wipes for common surfaces

☐Cleaning supplies for bathrooms, sinks, and other surfaces in your living environment

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